The Girls She Left Behind


Title: The Girls She Left Behind 

Author: Sarah Graves

Narrator: Kirsten Potter

Publisher: Dreamscape Media

Genre: Fiction

Audio: Unabridged    

Time: 7 Disc / 8 Hours: 46 Minutes

Published: 2016


My Review:                         4.0 stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an unbiased review.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get to the book. I did listen to this book all the way through. The Girls She Left Behind is the second book in a series based on a police detective named Lizzie Snow. Having never read the first book in the series I came into the Lizzie Snow series blind. This did not hinder my understanding of The Girls She Left Behind. This book is about Lizzie Snow trying to find a missing girl named Tara Wylie in the midst of a fire disaster around the town. Add in an escaped mentally unstable rapist, the mother of Tara Wylie who always seems to be hiding something important from Lizzie and Lizzie’s ex-boyfriend that just seems to always be around reminding her of the past. Then you have an interesting read. From time to time Lizzie gets distracted by worrying about her missing niece. The pace of the book is a little slow at first and then seems a bit rushed at the end. Well, at first it was a little confusing but eventually it all started to make sense. The book does tend to hop from one person to another then from past to present at a sometimes confusing rate. I was happy to find that everything that was mentioned really did seem to have a purpose. Except the issues involved around Lizzie’s distraction when Trey, the hopeful new boyfriend, and Dylan, the ex-boyfriend are around. Hopefully the missing niece will get more detailed in future books. All in all a good book. The audio book narration was well performed by Kirsten Potter and it seemed to flow easily and with out any problems. I will say that one track on the 1st disc did confuse me for a little bit until I looked at the book and saw what was going on. The back and forth of a dictation from an interview isn’t very easy to just listen to and understand the first time around it does need a second listen to grasp it completely or it was a lot easier to understand when looking at it in person. So barring that one complication all in all a good book, a good performance and an interesting plot. Would I recommend this book? Sure, no problem! In audio book format it made a great addition to my commute to and from work. I look forward to more books from this author and narrator in the future.


Author: Raven Queen

I'm odd, weird and at times a little crazy. I admit it ahead of time so no one can accuse me of misguiding them later. I'm addicted to books, anime and music. I have limited interest. Since I tend to be reading or watching anime. When I'm not watching anime or reading. You'll find me either lost in thought or listening to an audiobook. See I told you limited interest.

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