Silent Melody


Title: Silent Melody

Author: Mary Balogh

Narrator: Roslyn Landor

Publisher: Recorded Books

Genre: Historical Romance

Audio: Unabridged

Time: 13.25 hrs / 11 CDs

My Review: 4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audio book free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

This was a great book. I really enjoyed listening to Roslyn Landor. She made this book great. The plot of this book is a good for audio. It was nice being able to sit back and just enjoying the story. It was a little slow moving at first in my opinion but having read several books by Mary Balogh it just seems to be her writing style. She writes it slow at the beginning and quick at the end. My only dislike it that Mary Balogh’s stories never leaves you wanting more.

This story revolves around Lady Emily Marlowe who is deaf and Lord Ashley Kendrick. Lord Ashley leaves for India to make his way in the world leaving a heart broken Emily behind. Several years Emily has started trying to move on with her life when Ashley comes back to London. He finds his family having a ball. Ashley doesn’t recognize Emily at first because she has changed over the years. That is when the story starts going. The twist and turns in the plot are eventful. A very entertaining story. The story after the slow start did grab my attention and kept it. Mostly in part to the narrator.

All in all this story in my opinion is a typical historical romance. It was nicely written and narrated. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves historical romances.


Author: Raven Queen

I'm odd, weird and at times a little crazy. I admit it ahead of time so no one can accuse me of misguiding them later. I'm addicted to books, anime and music. I have limited interest. Since I tend to be reading or watching anime. When I'm not watching anime or reading. You'll find me either lost in thought or listening to an audiobook. See I told you limited interest.

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