The Alliance


Title: The Alliance

Author: Jolina Petersheim

Narrator: Tavia Gilbert

Publisher: Oasis Audio

Genre: Fiction / Christian / Romance

Audio: Unabridged

Time: 8 hrs / 7 CDs

My Review:  4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

This book is great for audio. I was a little hesitant to listen to this book at first manly due to the fact I’m not a fan of Mennonite stories.  All of the doubts and misgivings I had about this story disappeared after I started listening.

This book that Jolina Petersheim wrote is not your typical dystopia or apocalyptic story. Yes it does touch upon them and it keeps you informed that this is a post electromagnetic pulse (EMP) world. Yet the dynamics of the characters is wonderful. The whole book is centered around three major characters Leora, Moses and Jabil. Jolina Petersheim progress the story from each of the characters points of view. This type of storytelling can more often than not lead to confusion especially when switching back and forth. Jolina Petersheim did a great job with this story and Tavia Gilbert did an excellent job of narrating. Even with the switching points of view it is clear and consistent so no confusion.

The story starts with Moses crashing his plane into Leora’s field. Jabil saves Moses from the plane wreckage and carries the unconscious Moses to Leora’s house. It’s from this moment when everything starts getting interesting. Jolina Petersheim then creates a story so interesting I had a hard time coming back to reality when I had to stop the book for work. The love triangle between the three main characters is even better. It’s was great reading a good love story without x-rated sex scenes. I did not like how the story ended. It left me with so many questions.

I hope that The Alliance is just one part of the story and that Jolina Petersheim has plans for a sequel.I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a nice interesting story. It will entertain you. Well worth the read or in my case a listen.


Author: Raven Queen

I'm odd, weird and at times a little crazy. I admit it ahead of time so no one can accuse me of misguiding them later. I'm addicted to books, anime and music. I have limited interest. Since I tend to be reading or watching anime. When I'm not watching anime or reading. You'll find me either lost in thought or listening to an audiobook. See I told you limited interest.

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