The Devil’s Evidence (Thomas Fool #2)



Title: The Devil’s Evidence (Thomas Fool #2)

Author: Simon Kurt Unsworth

Narrator: David Rintoul

Publisher: Recorded Books

Genre: Horror/ Mystery/ Suspense Thriller

Audio: Unabridged

Time: 15h 30m / 13 CDs

My Review:  4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

This story is about Thomas Fool the Commander of the Information Office of Hell. Horrible fires and murders are happening in Hell which leads to Thomas Fool being ordered to investigate. While in the midst of the investigation in Hell. Thomas Fool is sent to Heaven as part of a political delegation. While in Heaven Thomas’s help is needed to investigate an unexplained mystery that is taking place in Heaven. There is murder in Heaven. As Thomas tries to investigate he is met with opposition and troubles. While in the middle of finding the truth Thomas tries to stop a war between Heaven and Hell from happening.

Simon Kurt Unsworth has a very interesting writing style. Having said that I’ll explain why it took my over a month to listen to this audio book. The first part of this book just seemed to drag for me and then closer to the end it jumped pace. I came into this series blind. In fact I’d never even heard of the author Simon Kurt Unsworth. This was an interesting book and David Rintoul did a great job narrating but on a personal note I think it would have made more sense to me to have read the first book in the series before I listen to this one. I look forward to the next book in the series and have high hopes to not be disappointed.

Would I recommend this book? Yes,Recorded Books did a great job with this production but I would like to say that The Devil’s Evidence is not a good book for a commute. If you’re the one doing the driving. I found it was a book you really had to pay attention to and could be distracting at times.


Author: Raven Queen

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