Die Like An Eagle


Title: Die Like an Eagle (Meg Langslow #20)

Author: Donna Andrews

Narrators: Bernadette Dunne

Series: Meg Langslow Mysteries, book 20

Publisher: Dreamscape Media

Time: 8h 47m

Audio: Unabridged

Genre: Cozy Mystery / Fiction / Humorous / Mystery & Thrillers

ISBN-13: 9-781520-017181

My Review: 4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

This book is centered around Meg Langslow, Biff Brown, baseball, and murder. Die Like An Eagle is the 20th book in the Meg Langslow Series. I have over the last few years started to accumulate a lot of Meg Langslow mystery books but in all honesty I haven’t read any of them. So after listening to this audiobook. I think I might start this series from the beginning and continue from there.

Donna Andrews has a great writing style which makes for wonderful audiobooks. The story is well written. I found myself just relaxed and enjoying the story. It wasn’t rushed or to fast paced. Which is always a great fine in audiobook and in books in general. The mystery in this story is not all consuming or involving.

Bernadette Dunne is a great narrator. There was one point where the voice of two different characters sounded the same. I blame that mix-up more on production than the narrator. Bernadette Dunne has a very mild but engaging voice. Which made this audiobook a great listening experience.

Having listened to a few audiobooks by Dreamscape Media. I can say that Dreamscape is quickly becoming on of my favorite production company to look for in audiobooks. From my point of view if seems they take pride in making great audiobooks. Except for that one place I mentioned before Die Like An Eagle was well produced and directed.

Drum roll please…. just kidding.

Now would I recommend this book? Yes, this audiobook is so easy to listen to I would recommend it to anyone that wants to listen to a very lite mystery. It’s actually a mystery I wouldn’t mind having been overheard by school aged children. There’s nothing written in Die Like An Eagle I haven’t recently heard coming out tv shows that are suppose to be formated for children. So I wouldn’t have a problem listening to this book around them. Then again this is just my personal opinion.


Author: Raven Queen

I'm odd, weird and at times a little crazy. I admit it ahead of time so no one can accuse me of misguiding them later. I'm addicted to books, anime and music. I have limited interest. Since I tend to be reading or watching anime. When I'm not watching anime or reading. You'll find me either lost in thought or listening to an audiobook. See I told you limited interest.

One thought on “Die Like An Eagle”

  1. If you haven’t read the previous books, you’re in for a real delight! Donna Andrews is one of my very favorite authors! Frustratingly, they haven’t released the first three books on audio, and the very first is my favorite! They then published books 4 and 5 and skipped to 14. They’re now going back and will be releasing book 8 in a couple weeks, but I wish they’d do the first 3!

    Enjoy your reading!

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