The Beautiful Dead



Title: The Beautiful Dead

Author: Belinda Bauer

Narrators: Andrew Wincott

Publisher: Dreamscape Media

Time: 10h 38m

Audio: English, Unabridged

Genre: Fiction / Mystery & Thrillers / Suspense

My Review:     4.0 Stars

I received this book free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

The Beautiful Dead written by Belinda Bauer is a story about Eve, a news reporter who’s job is to cover murder/death and the serial killer who becomes obsessed with her. The story was very well written. I was pleasantly surprised The Beautiful Dead‘s story-line was very well thought out and written. I love how Belinda Bauer has multiple side characters but they never seem to overshadow the main characters.  Like so many other authors have had happen in the past. Which really makes this story easy to follow and enjoy.

Andrew Wincott was the narrator for this book and I think he did a wonderful job. He  made each and every character distinctive. Dreamscape Media did a great job at producing this story and for picking Andrew Wincott for the job. All around a great audio book experience. The production was great. Andrew Wincott didn’t read to slow or to fast but at just the right pace. I really enjoyed listening to this book while I was at work. It does grab your attention at first but I found myself from time to time being distracted. Which is one reason why only 4 stars instead of 5.

Now the big question, would I recommend this book? Yes, but not for someone to listen to in front of small children. I work in a very public area with constant children/young adults coming through. I did not listen to this book unless I was behind closed doors in my office. So for the other reason why only 4 stars instead of 5. There was to much cursing to make it safe for everyone’s ears. Yet yes I would still recommend it. I did enjoy this book. Belinda Bauer wrote a great book with a wonderful plot. It is worth a read but if you’re working around children might I suggest you get the book format instead of the audio.


Author: Raven Queen

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