MindWar (MindWar #1)


TITLE: MindWar

AUTHOR: Andrew Klavan

NARRATOR: Andrew Kanies

SERIES:  MindWar

PUBLISHER: Dreamscape

GENRES: Audiobook / Action and Adventure / Christian / Young Adult Fiction


TIME: 8 hrs / 7 CDs

My Review:  4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

Mindwar by Andrew Klavan is about Rick Dial whom having been crippled by a horrible traffic accident turns to video games. After becoming great at certain games Rick Dial is asked to help the government. Rick Dial is asked to stop an enemy who has created a virtual world called “The Realm”.  In “The Realm” the enemy is able to attack different countries with them completely unaware and unable to defend against the attack unless they enter the game. That’s what the government has asked of Rick Dial.

Andrew Klavan did a great job. I’ve read a lot of different type of books over the years but I find science fiction is one of my favorite. Well science fiction is at least neck in neck with romance. Sorry but no romance in this book. Yet still worth the read. Very well written. Interesting plot with plenty of imagination. Which in Science Fiction books is always a plus. Another thing I really enjoyed about this book is no graphic violence. Yes this is a Christian fiction book but I have come across a few Christian Fiction books in the years that are anything but what they claimed. Yes there is mention of God, religion and the main character even prays once or twice. So if the genre Christian Fiction turns you off. Try this book any ways it really is worth a read.

Andrew Kanies does a great job as the narrator of this book. He has a nice voice which makes listening to wonderful. His distinction between characters is good. Andrew Kanies’s voice is soft which makes you think you’re listening to a teenager. Since MindWar is written from the point of view of the main character who is still a teen, Andrew Kanies voice was the perfect choice for this audiobook.

Dreamscape Media did an excellent job on the production of this audiobook. Dreamscape Media is becoming a favorite production house for me and is quickly creeping to the top on my list of favorites.

Now for the big question would I recommend this book? Yes! This book is great not just for young adults. Which is whom Andrew Klavan was appealing but for adults also. It was a great book to be able to listen to while at work. I didn’t have to worry that it would offend or upset anyone. So all in all a great book.