A Bride at Last


Title: A Bride At Last

Author: Melissa Jagears

Narrator: Pilar Witherspoon

Series: Unexpected Brides, book 3

Publisher: Recorded Books

Genres: Audiobook / Romance / Historical Fiction / Inspirational Fiction


Time: 11 Hours / 9 CDs

My Review: 4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.

Melissa Jagears’ book A Bride At Last is based around 3 main characters. Anthony, Kate and Silas. When Silas’ wife dies he finds out he has a son, Anthony. Kate is Anthony’s school teacher. Silas asks Kate to marry him after he sees how much Anthony and Kate love each other. From there things get bad, than worst before finally end with everyone happy.

Melissa Jagears has a very easy to follow writing style. Melissa Jagears’ plot is very well thought out. Melissa writes in such a way that it makes you want to keep reading. Melissa Jagears has a very prescriptive writing style while not being overbearing. I’ll be honest there were a few times when I found myself getting lost in the story and could almost see the scene being played out in my mind like a movie. I especially love the easy flow of this book.

The narrator for Melissa Jagears’ book A Bride At Last is Pilar Witherspoon. Pilar Witherspoon does a wonderful job with this book. Pilar grabbed my attention and kept it all through the book. The intonation that Pilar Witherspoon used for this audiobook was great it made each character come to life. I found myself a few times just closing my eyes to listen. Which is always a good thing in my opinion. Another great thing about Pilar Witherspoon is she did a great job in creating distinction between the characters. Always a good thing when it comes to audiobooks.

The production house for this audiobook is Recorded Books. Recorded Books did a great job with the production of this audiobook. This book is set at the right tempo for listening. No fluctuations in the audio. So all in all another great production by Recorded Books.

Now, for the big question. Would I recommend this book? My answer would have to be YES! A Bride At Last by Melissa Jagears was a great book to listen to while at work. Since it is considered Christian Fiction I knew it wouldn’t offend anyone with violence or cursing. Always a huge plus in my book. Now for those people who don’t like books that mention GOD, prayer or quotes scripture. Then this book would not be the book for you. This is a Christian Fiction book and you can really tell. The characters in this book are constantly praying and talking about GOD. Yet none of that takes away from the story.


Author: Raven Queen

I'm odd, weird and at times a little crazy. I admit it ahead of time so no one can accuse me of misguiding them later. I'm addicted to books, anime and music. I have limited interest. Since I tend to be reading or watching anime. When I'm not watching anime or reading. You'll find me either lost in thought or listening to an audiobook. See I told you limited interest.

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