Matched to a Billionaire

Matched to a Billionaire
Matched to a Billionaire by Mio Takai
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This manga was great. Kat Cantrell had a very interesting story-line. I loved how the characters were portrayed. The art for this manga was great. Mio Takai did an excellent job. Now having said that let me be honest. My only issue is I felt there could have been more detail not only with the story-line but also with the artwork. IT felt like the art work was based on just a general idea of the story not the full story from the book. I felt like Mio Takai had no working knowledge of the original story before she made the art for this manga. I understand that this book was downsized from the original format for this manga but sometimes you can downsize to much and I feel like that happened with this manga.

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Author: Raven Queen

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