Goldfisch Volume 1 Manga (English)


Title: Golfisch

Volume: 1

Author: Nana Yaa

Publisher: TokyoPop

Genre: Manga

Release Date:  Jan. 16, 2018

My Review:   3 Stars

I received this book free of charge from NetGalley in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

Goldfisch is about a boy who has gotten a hold of King Midas’ golden touch.

I don’t want to go into more detail because that can lead to spoilers which is never a good thing in my opinion. So let’s take this review another way.

Nana Yaa has a great idea for this series. I can see a lot of potential. The plot line is interesting and fun to read. The artwork is great and makes the adventure wonderful. My only issue is where the book was stopped. Yes I know that isn’t the authors fault and I’m not blaming Nana Yaa. I just felt that the original publishing company should have put a little more into the 1st volume before closing it. The ending left me a little disappointed. I look forward to continuing this series in the future.


Goddess Of Troy




Title: Goddess Of Troy

Author: P. C. Cast

Narrator: Caitlin Davies

Series: The Goddess Summoning Series: Book 6

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Genres: Audiobook / Fiction / Romance


Time: 11 hrs 9 mins / 10 CDs

My Review: 4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.

The Goddess Of Troy by P. C. Cast is about Goddesses Hera, Athena, and Venus have had enough here with the Trojan War. The Goddesses find that the worst of the bunch is Achilles. If they stop him it would end the war. The three goddesses decide to seize their chance when Kat and her best friend, Jackie, perish in a car crash in modern day Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Goddesses shift the friends’ souls into the bodies of a recently killed Trojan princess and her handmaiden. The Goddesses then present them to Achilles with the hope that Kat will catch Achilles’ attention and distract him long enough for the war to end.

P. C. Cast wrote a great book. I will admit I have been a P. C. Cast fan especially of her House of Night Series. I believe I read the first book in this series and got distracted by the House of Night series to finish this one. After listening to this audiobook. I’m planning on reading or listening to the other books in this series starting from the beginning. P. C. Cast has a great way of making a new story around an old mythological one. I love how P. C. Cast blended her story in with the Trojan War. I was well written and a great listen.

The narrator Caitlin Davies did a wonderful job. While listening to this audiobook it seemed to me that Caitlin Davies was enjoying the story also. Caitlin Davies made each character distinctive. No variance in diction which always makes for an awesome listening experience. I plan to look for more books narrated by Caitlin Davies.

Blackstone Audio did a great job in the production of this story. So having said that I’m going to come off the fence and say I’m really starting to like Blackstone Audio. The production for this audiobook is exactly what listeners expect and want. With no fluctuation in sound and set at the right tempo. It made this audiobook a great listening experience.

Now the bug question would I recommend this book? Yes but not for listening in public. There are a few parts that parents might not want their children to hear.

Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table

33508247Title: Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table

Author: Janet Finsilver

Narrator: Reba Buhr

Series: A Kelly Jackson Mystery Series, book 3

Publisher: Tantor Media

Genres: Audiobook / Fiction / Mystery/ Cozy


Time: 7 hrs 11 min / 6 CDs

My Review: 3.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.

Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table is based on Kelly Jackson and the crime-solving group, the Silver Sentinels. Kelly Jackson and the Silver Sentinels start looking into the “accidental” death of a Greek fortune teller known by everyone as Auntie. As they get closer to the truth of Auntie’s death the murder starts threatening Kelly.

The author for the book Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table is Janet Finsilver. Considering this is the third book Janet Finsilver has written.  Janet Finsilver is a fairly new author. I use new in terms of how many books Janet Finsilver has written not how many years Janet Finsilver’s books have been on the market. I like Janet Finsilver’s writing style. It lives up to the cozy mystery genre that Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table falls under. Janet Finsilver has a easy to follow writing style. Without using excessive vocabulary or difficult plot twists. I personally think the story-line could have provided a few more clues but all in all a good book. Yes this is the third book in a series but does great as a stand alone also.

The narrator for Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table is Reba Buhr. Reba Buhr has a great voice for audiobooks. Reba Buhr made each character distinctive and interesting. Reba Buhr’s intonation was perfect for a great listening experience. Being able to just sit back and lose myself in the narration of an audiobook is always a plus for me. Reba Buhr made that possible for me with this audiobook.

The production house for Janet Finsilver’s book Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table was Tantor Media. As I said with my last review Tantor is starting to make my list of to go to production houses. Tantor Media did a great job on the production of Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table. The production for this audiobook is exactly what listeners expect and want. There is no fluctuation in sound and it is also set at just the right tempo for a great listening experience.

Now for the big question. Would I recommend this audiobook? My answer would have to be Yes. This audiobook is a nice book and worth the listen. What makes it even better is that I was able to listen to this audiobook at my job and not have to worry about small ears hearing it. No excessive language or violence which again for me is always great news. This book is great for anyone that wants a nice cozy mystery that isn’t time consuming.

Blind Date


Title: Blind Date

Author: Bella Jewel

Narrators: Joe Arden And Maxine Mitchell

Publisher: Tantor Media

Genres: Audiobook /


Time: 8 hrs / 7 CDs

My Review: 4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.

Blind Date by Bella Jewel is a story about Hartley Watson. Hartley’s is just starting to try dating again after the death of her husband four years ago. Just when Hartley thinks things are going great. She realizes someone is watching her and entering her home stalking her. The person stalking Hartley seems to know intimate details of her life with her husband. After her dead husband’s things start showing up out of storage Hartley seeks help from Ace, the detective who lives next door.

Blind Date was written by Bella Jewel. Okay time to be honest, I forgot I requested this book and if I had really looked at the cover I would have most likely skipped requesting this audiobook. Don’t shoot me but, yes I’m that type of person that judges books by their covers. After I received this audiobook I looked at other books written by Bella Jewel and again was a little put off. Yet I was still determined to finish this audiobook because I requested it.  Now having said all that I have to continue to be honest. I was glad I did. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Well not really. I was expecting a mystery but from the covers of Bella Jewel’s other books and this one, I was expecting a lot of sex. I was happy to find that wasn’t the case with this book. Bella Jewel wrote a great book. Blind Date has a great plot, with interesting twists and well developed characters. My only issue was that the ending could have had more details. It felt a rushed but, well worth the listen.

The narrators for this book are Joe Arden and Maxine Mitchell. If you’ve read any of my prior review you will remember that I have a certain way I like multiple narrators to narrate. Especially if one is female and the other male. Joe Arden and Maxine Mitchell did a great job working together on this audiobook. Both Joe and Maxine made their characters come alive. They had such great harmony that it took me awhile to realize that there was two narrators. It only became really apparent when Joe Arden was narrating a section of the book solo due to the movement of the characters in the book.

The publishing company for Bella Jewel’s book Blind Date is Tantor Media. Tantor Media produced Blind Date perfectly. No timing problems or sound fluctuations which makes for a great listening experience. Tantor Media is starting to become one of my favorite publishing houses. They seem to have a knack for picking great audiobooks.

Now, for the big question. Would I recommend this book? My answer would have to be YES! This book is great my only issue was the rushed feeling I got from the ending. This is not a book I would recommend listening to in front of small children. The only reason is because it does have a little sex. Not as much as I was expecting but still enough to make it unsafe for small ears.



Title: Spliced

Author: Jon McGoran

Narrator: Sophie Amoss

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Genres: Audiobook / Fiction / Fantasy/ Science Fiction / Young Adult


Time: 12hrs 30mins / 10 CDs

My Review: 3.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review

Jon McGoran’s book Spliced is based on three main characters, Jimi, Del and Rex. Del is obsessed with becoming a chimera. After undergoing an operation to become a chimera Del gets sick. Jimi and Rex, another chimera, take Del to a doctor called a fixer. While Del is getting treated by the fixer the Police raid the clinic. When they leave Jimi and Rex go inside searching for Del only to find he’s gone. After that everything seems to change for Jimi and not all of the changes are for the best.

Jon McGoran wrote a great book. Spliced has a great plot. The story is interesting and not complicated. Very well written and it’s easy to see the focus was pointed towards young adults. Spliced is a sort of dystopia, sci-fi based thriller with genetically altered teens fighting for survival. Yet the twist and turns in this book make for a great ride and not a cliché. Spliced is not just for young adults but for almost any age in my opinion.

Sophie Amoss is the narrator for Jon McGoran’s book Spliced. Sophie Amoss does a wonderful job portraying all the characters in Spliced. I love how Sophie Amoss makes each character distinctive and unique. Sophie Amoss made the characters come alive. Sophie Amoss’s diction and enunciation made this audiobook great for listeners.. I look forward to hearing more audiobooks narrated by Sophie Amoss.

The production house for this audiobook is…  drum roll please… just kidding Blackstone Audio. If you’ve read any of my prior review you’ll see I’m having a love/hate relationship with Blackstone Audio. I love their audiobooks then I hate them but for this audiobook I have to admit I’m straddling the fence. I don’t really love Spliced but I don’t hate it either. The production for this audiobook is exactly what listeners expect and want. There is no fluctuation in sound and is set at just the right tempo for a great listening experience.

Now for the big question “Would I recommend this book?” Yes I would recommend this book. It really is a good book and great to listen to around younger ears. Yep there’s a but, here is my only issues. I felt it could have gone into more details in places. I also felt like the last part of the book was rushed. I when I’m reading or listening and the story just speeds up towards the end. It seem to me like the author was asked to hurry it up and finish the story before it had to many pages. Which in my opinion ends with the ending being rushed and me disappointed.

Death Overdue


Title: Death Overdue

Author: Allison Brook

Narrator: Mia Gaskin

Series: A Haunted Library Mystery, book 1

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Genres: Audiobook / Fiction / Mystery & Detective


Time: 9.5 hrs / 8 CDs

My Review: 5.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.

Allison Brook’s audiobook Death Overdue is based around Carrie Singleton. Carrie was just offered the job as head of programs and events for the local library. Carrie finds out fast that the library is haunted by the ghost of a former helper. While in the process of of her first event, Carrie’s guest speaker is killed. After that Carrie tries to find out who did it and why which leads her back to the case the speaker was going to discuss before his death.

Allison Brook has a nice writing style. Death Overdue was easy to follow with no extravagant use of vocabulary. This book is listed for adults but from the writing style and how it’s written in the simplest format I feel like this book would be good for teenagers also. Allison Brook is new to me but from this book I might have to stick around and listen or read more of Allison Brook’s Haunted Library Mystery series. I love the fact that Allison Brook doesn’t use violence or gore to sell this story. Death Overdue has a nice plot that was also interesting which in mystery for me is always a plus.

Mia Gaskin was the narrator for this book. Mia Gaskin does a great job. Mia Gaskin grabbed my attention and kept it all through the book. Mia made Death Overdue come alive for me. I actually found my self lost in the story from time to time. In my opinion Allison Brook did a great job writing Death Overdue but Mia Gaskin made it come alive.

Blackstone Audio was the production house for Death Overdue. I think Blackstone Audio has a winner with this title. The production for Death Overdue was excellent. No timing problems or sound fluctuations. If you’ve read any of my other reviews involving Blackstone Audio you will find I think Blackstone Audio keeps teetering between good and bad. Death Overdue by Allison Brook would have to be placed on the good side so I won’t be holding this title against them.

Now for the big question. “Would I recommend this book?” I would have to say YES! This book was great. Death Overdue is a cozy fun mystery without gore. I listened to it while working and didn’t have to worry about anyone being offended. When I can listen to audiobook around children and young adults without worrying that is always a great thing and a big sell for me.

A Bride at Last


Title: A Bride At Last

Author: Melissa Jagears

Narrator: Pilar Witherspoon

Series: Unexpected Brides, book 3

Publisher: Recorded Books

Genres: Audiobook / Romance / Historical Fiction / Inspirational Fiction


Time: 11 Hours / 9 CDs

My Review: 4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.

Melissa Jagears’ book A Bride At Last is based around 3 main characters. Anthony, Kate and Silas. When Silas’ wife dies he finds out he has a son, Anthony. Kate is Anthony’s school teacher. Silas asks Kate to marry him after he sees how much Anthony and Kate love each other. From there things get bad, than worst before finally end with everyone happy.

Melissa Jagears has a very easy to follow writing style. Melissa Jagears’ plot is very well thought out. Melissa writes in such a way that it makes you want to keep reading. Melissa Jagears has a very prescriptive writing style while not being overbearing. I’ll be honest there were a few times when I found myself getting lost in the story and could almost see the scene being played out in my mind like a movie. I especially love the easy flow of this book.

The narrator for Melissa Jagears’ book A Bride At Last is Pilar Witherspoon. Pilar Witherspoon does a wonderful job with this book. Pilar grabbed my attention and kept it all through the book. The intonation that Pilar Witherspoon used for this audiobook was great it made each character come to life. I found myself a few times just closing my eyes to listen. Which is always a good thing in my opinion. Another great thing about Pilar Witherspoon is she did a great job in creating distinction between the characters. Always a good thing when it comes to audiobooks.

The production house for this audiobook is Recorded Books. Recorded Books did a great job with the production of this audiobook. This book is set at the right tempo for listening. No fluctuations in the audio. So all in all another great production by Recorded Books.

Now, for the big question. Would I recommend this book? My answer would have to be YES! A Bride At Last by Melissa Jagears was a great book to listen to while at work. Since it is considered Christian Fiction I knew it wouldn’t offend anyone with violence or cursing. Always a huge plus in my book. Now for those people who don’t like books that mention GOD, prayer or quotes scripture. Then this book would not be the book for you. This is a Christian Fiction book and you can really tell. The characters in this book are constantly praying and talking about GOD. Yet none of that takes away from the story.