Lost in the Light


Title: Lost In The Light

Author: Mary Castillo

Narrator: Mary Castillo

Series: Dori Orihuela

Publisher: Audible

Genres: Audiobook / Mysteries & Thrillers / Supernatural & Paranormal


Time: 8 hrs and 46 mins

My Review:   3.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review. 

This book is based on Detective Dori Orihuela, on leave from the police department after a gunshot wound and the ghost, Vicente Sorolla, who haunts in Dori Orihela’s 120 year old house. Vicente Sorolla was killed in 1932 in the same house that Dori Orihela now owns. Vicente Sorolla is trying to get Dori to find out what happened to the love of his life Anna.

Mary Castillo had an interesting story. Lost In the Light is a simple novel. Mary Castillo places this book in the paranormal and Supernatural, mystery and thriller genre. Besides Vincent the ghost haunting Dori’s house there’s not much paranormal or supernatural. In my opinion not much mystery or thriller either. Mary Castillo’s writing style is simple. Mary Castillo writes enough descriptions of scenery and events to advance the plot od Lost in the Light which makes this an easy read. In this story I felt like some of the characters were unnecessary. I also had an issue with some of the character’s names.

Mary Castillo narrated this book herself. I personally found the production of this audiobook lacking. The audio was constantly fluctuating and is not at a good level for easy listening. Some times the audio was so low I had to turn my device all the way up to hear what was being said. Then a few moments later I had to turn it down. After a while the distinction between character is annoying and hard to figure out. All the character seems to sound the same.

Now for the big question. Would I recommend this book? I will admit Lost in the Light was a nice story and was great to listen to while working. Only because I didn’t have to worry to much about violence or excessive bad language.  Yet my answer would have to be No. I wouldn’t recommend this book because it left me disappointed and frustrated.


Slightly Sinful


TITLE: Slightly Sinful

AUTHOR: Mary Balogh

NARRATOR: Andrew Kanies

SERIES: Bedwyn Saga


GENRES: Audiobook / Fiction / Romance


TIME: 11 hrs 25 min / 9 CDs

My Review: 4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review

Slightly Sinful is the 5th book in the Bedwyn Saga written by Mary Balogh. This book revolves around four brothel ladies, Rachel York and Lord Alleyne Bedwyn. Rachel York finds Lord Alleyne Bedwyn completely stripped and left for dead in the woods near Waterloo. When Lord Alleyne Bedwyn wakes up Rachel and the ladies find he’s lost his memory but that doesn’t stop Lord Alleyne from being a flirt. Even while knowing he should be trying to find himself, Lord Alleyne decides to help Rachel.

Mary Balogh’s writing style is still a little hard for me to get use to. Hence why it’s been over a year since I last read or listen to one of her books. I have found in my opinion that Mary Balogh has a tendency to slow pace the first part of the book and fast pace the last part. This book it looks like she tried to make a change. The pace of this story is still a little slow in the beginning and fast at the end. Yet Mary Balogh has a good writing style and creates wonderful stories. So I look forward to more of her books in the future.

Rosalyn Landor has a great voice for audiobooks. Rosalyn Landor’s enunciation is excellent. Which helps in making each character distinctive and unique. Rosalyn does such a great job on the charterers in this book that honestly once or twice I forgot that she was the only person narrating. I really look forward to hearing more audiobooks narrated by Rosalyn Landor. In my opinion Rosalyn Landor makes a good book, great and a great book, awesome.

Tantor Audio was the production house for this audiobook. Tantor did a great job on this production. This audiobook is produced perfectly. No fluctuation in sound and at the right tempo for a great listening experience. Tantor might have been around the block longer than Dreamscape Media but still has a ways to go in my personal opinion. Yet having said that if Tantor keeps producing great books. I might have to seriously think about putting them on my list of favorite production houses.

Now for the big question. Would I recommend this book? Yes I would recommend this book but not for public listening. There are a few parts and some words that shouldn’t be heard by little ears. This book is strictly for a mature audience only. Yet keeping that in mind. Slightly Sinful by Mary Balogh is well worth a listen or read.



TITLE: Unforgettable

AUTHOR: Meryl Sawyer

NARRATOR: Erin Bennett

PUBLISHER: Dreamscape

GENRES: Audiobook / Fiction / Mystery & Thrillers / Romance / Suspense


TIME: 14h 36m / 12 CDs

My Review: 3.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

Unforgettable by Meryl Sawyer revolves Greg Braxton a volunteer with the Maui search and rescue team. Greg is training his greyhound, Dodger, under the extreme conditions of a lightning storm. When Dodger finds an unconscious woman in a car at the bottom of a cliff. When she awakens, she doesn’t know who she is or what she was doing stranded in the middle of a raging storm so Greg nicknames her “Lucky”. As they try to figure out “Lucky’s” real name. She finds she might not be so lucky after-all.

I’ve seen Meryl Sawyer’s books around before but have never really read any of them. They never seemed very interesting to me mostly because I have a really bad habit of judging a book by it’s cover. I’m really glad I didn’t do that with this audiobook. I really enjoyed this book. I’ve found that Meryl Sawyer has a great writing style. This book Unforgettable has a very intricate plot line. It was well written and even let you hear from the point of view of the villains from time to time. While still keeping their identity hidden until the right moment. Very nicely done without ruining or distorting the plot or flow of the story.

Erin Bennett does an amazing job as the narrator for this book. Erin made each character distinctive and interesting. I found that at times I would forget it was only one person doing the narration for this audiobook. Erin Bennett has a nice voice that is great for audiobooks.

Now for the production. I am and avid fan of Dreamscape Media’s audiobooks and usually I can tell right away that the audiobook was produced by Dreamscape. This one I’m happy to say had me stumped. I honestly didn’t know which production house produced this audiobook until I took a look at the end. The production was excellent as always. Just the right tempo and rhythm. Great for listening to while relaxing.

Now for the big question. Would I recommend this book? That is honestly a hard question for me concerning this book. My answer would have to be Yes & No. Now before any one gets upset with my fence straddling answer let me explain why I came to that conclusion and why only 3.0 stars. When I’ve just been raving about this book. If you have read any of my previous reviews you will notice I speak a lot about listening to the audiobooks in public. This book got points taken off because just in the first part of the book it was very suggestive. So no good for public listening. Yes I will recommend this book. It is a great book but not to anyone that wants to listen to this book in a public area or around children.

The Healer’s Apprentice (Hagenheim #1)


TITLE: The Healer’s Apprentice

AUTHOR: Melanie Dickerson

NARRATOR: Jude Mason

PUBLISHER: Dreamscape

GENRES: Audiobook / Christian / Historical / Romance / Young Adult Fiction


TIME: 8 hours 39 minutes / 7 CDs

My Review: 4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

The Healer’s Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson is about a girl named Rose and Lord Hamlin, a future duke. Rose is the woodcutter’s daughter who has been honored with the position of healer’s apprentice. Lord Hamlin, the future duke is betrothed to a mysterious young woman in hiding. Lord Hamlin finds himself falling in love with Rose but still tries to honor his betrothal. While Rose tries to do everything she can to try and forget Lord Hamlin and the love she also feels for him. They both soon discover not every thing is as it seems.

This book has been in my to read pile for a while. Honestly I forgot I had the eBook edition of this book but I’m even happier I now have the audiobook edition.  Melanie Dickerson has a great writing style. I  have never read any books by Melanie Dickerson before I was surprised. She made the setting and time period for this book come alive. Very well written and easy to follow. Very well thought out and planned. I think I’ll have to look into a few more books that Melanie Dickerson has written in the near future.

Now for narration. Jude Mason was a great choice for narrator. Jude Mason make each character come alive in their own way. Jude Mason has such a great voice I found myself being pulled into my imagination, where Jude’s voice made the story come alive. Jude Mason made Melanie Dickerson’s book The Healer’s Apprentice an one of a kind experience.

Really I do try my best to not pay attention to the production houses until after I listen to the story and have started my reviews. Yet for some reason the way Dreamscape produces the audiobooks it makes it easy for me to tell. Maybe it’s just because I’m becoming a fan but in my opinion Dreamscape Media has done it again. They have produced a audiobook that is a great listening experience. It’s not to fast and not to slow but at the correct pace to make it a worth wild experience.

Now for main question. Would I recommend this book? Yes! Now keep in mind this is clearly Christian Fiction. God is mentioned a lot. There is a lot of praying and even Bible verses quoted. Yet none of this takes away from the story it actually just made it better. So yes I would recommend this book.

MindWar (MindWar #1)


TITLE: MindWar

AUTHOR: Andrew Klavan

NARRATOR: Andrew Kanies

SERIES:  MindWar

PUBLISHER: Dreamscape

GENRES: Audiobook / Action and Adventure / Christian / Young Adult Fiction


TIME: 8 hrs / 7 CDs

My Review:  4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

Mindwar by Andrew Klavan is about Rick Dial whom having been crippled by a horrible traffic accident turns to video games. After becoming great at certain games Rick Dial is asked to help the government. Rick Dial is asked to stop an enemy who has created a virtual world called “The Realm”.  In “The Realm” the enemy is able to attack different countries with them completely unaware and unable to defend against the attack unless they enter the game. That’s what the government has asked of Rick Dial.

Andrew Klavan did a great job. I’ve read a lot of different type of books over the years but I find science fiction is one of my favorite. Well science fiction is at least neck in neck with romance. Sorry but no romance in this book. Yet still worth the read. Very well written. Interesting plot with plenty of imagination. Which in Science Fiction books is always a plus. Another thing I really enjoyed about this book is no graphic violence. Yes this is a Christian fiction book but I have come across a few Christian Fiction books in the years that are anything but what they claimed. Yes there is mention of God, religion and the main character even prays once or twice. So if the genre Christian Fiction turns you off. Try this book any ways it really is worth a read.

Andrew Kanies does a great job as the narrator of this book. He has a nice voice which makes listening to wonderful. His distinction between characters is good. Andrew Kanies’s voice is soft which makes you think you’re listening to a teenager. Since MindWar is written from the point of view of the main character who is still a teen, Andrew Kanies voice was the perfect choice for this audiobook.

Dreamscape Media did an excellent job on the production of this audiobook. Dreamscape Media is becoming a favorite production house for me and is quickly creeping to the top on my list of favorites.

Now for the big question would I recommend this book? Yes! This book is great not just for young adults. Which is whom Andrew Klavan was appealing but for adults also. It was a great book to be able to listen to while at work. I didn’t have to worry that it would offend or upset anyone. So all in all a great book.

The Dragon Hunter And The Mage


Title: The Dragon Hunter And The Mage

Author: V. R. Cardoso

Narrators: Todd Menesses

Series: Wounds in the Sky, book 1

Publisher: Vasco Cardoso

Time: 19 hrs and 28 mins 

Audio: English, Unabridged

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

My Review:  5.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

The Dragon Hunter And The Mage by V.R. Cardoso is about two half-brothers.  Both are sons of the Empress, but only one of them the son of the Emperor.  The Emperor has forbidden the brother  from seeing each other. Aric and Fadan defy the Emperor by meeting in secret whenever they can get away. The Emperor had also outlawed the use of magic and almost completely killed all the mages in the kingdom. The brother don’t seem to be to concerned with this law until one day while meeting in secret Aric and Fadan find a Manuel of Magic. Which leaves Aric and Fadan with two option. They can either turn the book over to the Emperor or see if one of them has the talent to use magic. They decide to test themselves to see if either has a talent for magic. When it turns out one of the brothers is gifted in the use of magic nothing is ever the same again.

I have to admit I initially approached this audiobook with no expectations and the great possibility of disappointment. Let me explain why. Over the years I have found that most self-published books are not worth the paper they are printed on or they time I wasted while reading/listening to them. The Dragon Hunter And The Mage surprised me. V. R. Cardoso made a story with a great and interesting plot. The story was a little slow moving in the beginning but well worth the wait.

V.R. Cardoso also did a great job on producing this audiobook. Especially when he picked Todd Menesses to be the narrator. Todd Menesses made this audiobook great. Which is a good thing considering this audiobook is not a quick listen. Coming in a little over 19 hours Todd Menesses made me want to keep listening. Todd Menesses makes each character distinctly different. Which is always a plus. 

So for the big question would I recommend this book? YES!! It really is worth the time. In fact I’m already looking forward to the next book to be released in this series. Now I also usually say if I would listen to this book around younger ears or not. I can say that this book is a great find. It is a wonderful listen for all ages.

The Sparks


Title: The Sparks

Author: Kyle Prue

Narrators: John Eric Preston

Series: The Feud Trilogy, book 1

Publisher: Cartwright Publishing

Time: 9 hrs 14 mins

Audio: English, Unabridged

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

My Review:  3.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.

The Sparks by Kyle Prue is a book based on three major families with special traits. These three families have been at war for so long they can’t even remember what they are fighting about the only thing they remember is that they are supposed to protect the kingdom. The King has other plans.

Kyle Prue has a unique writing style that tends to show his age. Even if I hadn’t know before reading this book that he was young. It clearly shows in his writing. Kyle Prue weaves a very ungrasping tale. I personally felt a few chapters could have been skipped and no harm would have come to the storyline or plot in fact it might have helped.

Now for narration John Eric Preston did a great job narrating this story. He made the story a little interesting and worth listening. His representation of each character was good and I wouldn’t mind listening to other books narrated by John Eric Preston.

So why only 3 stars? This story had no staying power. That for me as I have mentioned before is a big issue. I cannot bring myself to give The Sparks by Kyle Prue more than 3 stars. I liked it but will I go out of my way to try and pressure my family and friends to read this book? Sadly the answer is no. If I can’t find myself going into detail trying to explain a really great part of the book to you. I feel disappointed and let down. If I feel passionate about a book and want my friends and family to experience that book then that story deserves 4 or 5 stars.

Now for the big question would I recommend this book? Honestly not really.