The Marriage Maker

Title: The Marriage Maker: Worth of a Lady, The Marriage Wager, A Lady By Chance, How to Catch an Heiress

Authors: Tarah Scott, Allie Mackay, Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Narrators: David Monteath and Ginny Ross

Series: The Marriage Maker Series: Book 1

Publisher: Silverton Agency

Genres: Audiobook / Fiction / Romance


Time: 7 hrs 9 mins

My Review: 2.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.

The Marriage Maker is a omnibus of short stories written by Tarah Scott, Allie Mackay and Sue-Ellen Welfonder. These stories are all based around four sisters. Chastity Hamilton is the Duke of Roxburgh’s heir. Her father insists she marry. So, Lady Chastity makes a bargained with her father to marry the man who can find matches for her three younger sisters first. Lady Chastity didn’t believe such a man existed but, Sir Stirling James has stepped up to do exactly what Lady Chastity hoped could not be done.

Tarah Scott, Allie Mackay and Sue-Ellen Welforder are all great writers. Each story was well written. My only issues is that they could have gone so much farther in these stories that they tended to leave me wanting more. That after a while they seemed to lack some of the plot-line. Which personally is not something I enjoy. I would have liked a little more. Short stories don’t need to leave you feeling like you missed something but these did. I was expecting more from these authors but I was left disappointed.

The Marriage Maker’s narrators were David Monteath and Ginny Ross. I’ll be honest I was so displeased with the stories that at first I didn’t pay much attention to the narrators. I did go back and re-listen to this audiobook so I could give a decent review. David Monteath and Ginny Ross did a great job on the narration. They made each character distinctive. Both David Monteath and Ginny Ross’ intonation was perfect for a good listening experience.

The publishing company for The Marriage Maker was Silverton Agency. Honestly this is one company I’ve never heard of. After listening to this audiobook I’m still on the fence on if I like them or not. So all in all the jury is still out on this company.

Now for the question everyone asks me. Would I recommend this audiobook? Rather than just coming out and saying No. I’ll say Maybe. This is a good story but if you’re looking for a story subsistence and a great plot-line this is not it. If you’re just looking for a quick easy to follow story without a lot of details then this is the book for you.


Never Forget Me


Title: Never Forget Me

Author: Marguerite Kaye

Narrator: Charlotte Hill

Publisher: Recorded Books

Genres: Audiobook / Romance/ Historical Fiction/ Short Stories


Time: 8.40 Hours / 7 CDs

My Review: 3.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.

Never Forget Me is an omnibus. The three stories in this omnibus are A KISS GOODBYE, DEAREST SYLVIE and FOREVER WITH ME. All of these stories are based around the World War I era all the stories are connected through one of the main characters.

Marguerite Kaye has a nice writing style. All three stories were nicely written and easy to follow. I love how each story was connected in an easy to follow but unobtrusive way. My only issue is each story felt a little rushed. Each story was great. Yet I personally think the stories would have been made even better if Marguerite Kaye had give more information from time to time. Then they might not have felt so rushed. Still having said that they were well written and easy to read.

The narrator for Never Forget Me is Charlotte Hill. Charlotte Hill did a good job on this audiobook. I like how each character has a distinctive and interesting accent. Charlotte Hill makes each character unique.  Now having said that I still need to note that I didn’t feel like Charlotte Hill gripped my attention. I had to force my self to listen to this audiobook. Charlotte Hill is a good narrator but doesn’t seem to catch my attention and for audiobooks catching the attention of the listener is an necessity.

Recorded Books was the production house for this audiobook. I usually like the audiobooks Recorded Books produces. I can’t really say that for this book. Now before I get stabbed let me explain. I think Recorded Books did a great job on the production of this audiobook. The tempo was just great and just right for listening. So I don’t really have a problem with the production but in the selection.

Now for the big question. Would I recommend this audiobook. Yes I recommend this audiobook. It’s a good book I just wish there was more to the stories. Which is the main reason why the 3.0 stars.

The Sixth Victim

the sixth victim

Title: The Sixth Victim

Author: Tessa Harris

Narrator: Fiona Hardingham and Gemma Dawson

Series: Constance Piper Mystery

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Genres: Audiobook / Fiction / Mystery & Detective


Time: 10.80 Hours / 9 CDs

My Review: 5.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.

Tessa Harris’ book The Sixth Victim is based on two different characters Constance Piper, a flower girl and Emily Tindall, a missionary teacher and Constance’s mentor. The Sixth Victim is placed in Whitehall during the time of Jack the Ripper’s murder spree. SO of course Jack’s murders are mentioned frequently. Yet the story has Constance spending most of the book trying to figure out where and why Emily Tindall disappeared. While Constance is doing this she meets some higher class people, has new experiences and finds out somethings about herself she didn’t know before.

Tessa Harris did a great job with this book. It was very well thought out and interesting. Tessa Harris’ writing style in this book was great. The Sixth Victim is written from both main character’s point of view. In the past I’ve read several books from multiple character’s points of view and more often than not I’ve found that they fail to achieve their purpose. This story doesn’t. Tessa Harris writes this book where the advancement of the story occurs at a steady pace. While there seems to be very little overlap of the characters’ observations the plot isn’t construed. All in all a great story, I look forward to reading more books written by Tessa Harris.

The way Tessa Harris wrote The Sixth Victim makes it great to have two narrators. The narrators for The Sixth Victim are Fiona Hardingham and Gemma Dawson. Fiona Hardingham and Gemma Dawson did a great job on the narration. Fiona Hardingham’s and Gemma Dawson’s voices are great for audiobooks. Both made their character distinctive and interesting. You can instantly tell them apart which is great in my opinion for a multiple person audiobook. Fiona Hardingham’s and Gemma Dawson’s diction and enunciation made this audiobook great for listeners.

The production house for this audiobook is Blackstone Audio.  I seem to be having a love/hate relationship with Blackstone Audio. I love their audiobooks then I hate them. I will admit I love The Sixth Victim. Blackstone Audio did a great job on producing this audiobook. The production for this audiobook is perfect. There were no fluctuation in sound and at the right tempo for a great listening experience. My only issue is that in one track close to the end of this book it seems to repeat half-way through.  Other than that all good.

Now for the big question. “Would I recommend this book?” My answer would have to be Yes! This is a very interesting story. There are some words said and scenes described in this book that parents might not want little kids to hear. So having kept that in mind I listened to this audiobook in at work with the door closed and at home in private.

Lost in the Light


Title: Lost In The Light

Author: Mary Castillo

Narrator: Mary Castillo

Series: Dori Orihuela

Publisher: Audible

Genres: Audiobook / Mysteries & Thrillers / Supernatural & Paranormal


Time: 8 hrs and 46 mins

My Review:   3.0 Stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review. 

This book is based on Detective Dori Orihuela, on leave from the police department after a gunshot wound and the ghost, Vicente Sorolla, who haunts in Dori Orihela’s 120 year old house. Vicente Sorolla was killed in 1932 in the same house that Dori Orihela now owns. Vicente Sorolla is trying to get Dori to find out what happened to the love of his life Anna.

Mary Castillo had an interesting story. Lost In the Light is a simple novel. Mary Castillo places this book in the paranormal and Supernatural, mystery and thriller genre. Besides Vincent the ghost haunting Dori’s house there’s not much paranormal or supernatural. In my opinion not much mystery or thriller either. Mary Castillo’s writing style is simple. Mary Castillo writes enough descriptions of scenery and events to advance the plot od Lost in the Light which makes this an easy read. In this story I felt like some of the characters were unnecessary. I also had an issue with some of the character’s names.

Mary Castillo narrated this book herself. I personally found the production of this audiobook lacking. The audio was constantly fluctuating and is not at a good level for easy listening. Some times the audio was so low I had to turn my device all the way up to hear what was being said. Then a few moments later I had to turn it down. After a while the distinction between character is annoying and hard to figure out. All the character seems to sound the same.

Now for the big question. Would I recommend this book? I will admit Lost in the Light was a nice story and was great to listen to while working. Only because I didn’t have to worry to much about violence or excessive bad language.  Yet my answer would have to be No. I wouldn’t recommend this book because it left me disappointed and frustrated.

Eat or Be Eaten

eat or be eaten.jpg


Successful restaurateur Yaginuma decides it will be best to get outside help from management consultant Maski Ashizawa in order to find a new chef for his French-concept restaurant. After a few recommendations, Ashizawa pays a visit to Shuichiro Tsubaki, who is currently executive chef at a French restaurant. Ashizawa loves the flavor of the chef’s food, but the chef shoots down the offer made to him. In order to pry away the chef from his current work, Ashizawa decides to begin working for Tsubaki. Will Ashizawa successfully exercise his powers of persuasion? 

Paperback, 219 pages
Published May 19th 2009 by Digital Manga Publishing


Title: Eat or Be Eaten

Author: Jinko Fuyuno

Illustrator: Yamimaru Enjin

Translator: Karen McGillicuddy

Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing

Genre: Yaoi

What to say about this book. First this is a yaoi or boys love book. Considering I’m a huge fan expect that you’ll see these types of reviews from me occasionally.  I’ll be honest this book has been on my to-read pile for a while. I only picked it up yesterday because I finally got the urge to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact I really enjoyed it. Nice and easy to follow plot line not over ran with porno type sex scenes. Made a nice quick read that was fun. I love the struggle between the two main characters. More details could have been added to make the characters more pronounced. It could have also even gone on a little longer in my opinion because in parts of the book it felt a little rushed. Yet, again not so rushed that you couldn’t follow the plot. It was like reading a small quick and short romance. Which is exactly what this book can be considered. I read this whole book in less than 24 hours. Which doesn’t say much because I’m a quick reader but considering the book is only about 190 something pages with out the adverts. This is a nice book for some one who doesn’t have a lot of time but wants a cute romance to read with out a love of sex scenes.

The Girls She Left Behind


Title: The Girls She Left Behind 

Author: Sarah Graves

Narrator: Kirsten Potter

Publisher: Dreamscape Media

Genre: Fiction

Audio: Unabridged    

Time: 7 Disc / 8 Hours: 46 Minutes

Published: 2016


My Review:                         4.0 stars

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an unbiased review.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get to the book. I did listen to this book all the way through. The Girls She Left Behind is the second book in a series based on a police detective named Lizzie Snow. Having never read the first book in the series I came into the Lizzie Snow series blind. This did not hinder my understanding of The Girls She Left Behind. This book is about Lizzie Snow trying to find a missing girl named Tara Wylie in the midst of a fire disaster around the town. Add in an escaped mentally unstable rapist, the mother of Tara Wylie who always seems to be hiding something important from Lizzie and Lizzie’s ex-boyfriend that just seems to always be around reminding her of the past. Then you have an interesting read. From time to time Lizzie gets distracted by worrying about her missing niece. The pace of the book is a little slow at first and then seems a bit rushed at the end. Well, at first it was a little confusing but eventually it all started to make sense. The book does tend to hop from one person to another then from past to present at a sometimes confusing rate. I was happy to find that everything that was mentioned really did seem to have a purpose. Except the issues involved around Lizzie’s distraction when Trey, the hopeful new boyfriend, and Dylan, the ex-boyfriend are around. Hopefully the missing niece will get more detailed in future books. All in all a good book. The audio book narration was well performed by Kirsten Potter and it seemed to flow easily and with out any problems. I will say that one track on the 1st disc did confuse me for a little bit until I looked at the book and saw what was going on. The back and forth of a dictation from an interview isn’t very easy to just listen to and understand the first time around it does need a second listen to grasp it completely or it was a lot easier to understand when looking at it in person. So barring that one complication all in all a good book, a good performance and an interesting plot. Would I recommend this book? Sure, no problem! In audio book format it made a great addition to my commute to and from work. I look forward to more books from this author and narrator in the future.